Mark Johnson
...will make your mind itch!

Mind Reader, Mentalist, Psychic Entertainer
Absolutely unforgettable!

“You really need to see him to believe it –
Mark is a master at his trade
 – pure entertainment.”

-- Paul Cramer, Director, The Classic Center, Athens, Ga


What I do:

I am a mind reader, mentalist, and psychic entertainer. In my stage shows as well as one-on-one performances for cocktail parties, pre-function events, private parties and more, I amaze audiences by telling them what they're thinking! 
And I entertain individuals and groups with
psychic readings using palmistry as well as handwriting analysis
My goal in everything I do is to have fun, open your mind, entertain you and give you a thoughtful break.
In my shows ...
I tell members of your audience where they went to college, the name their childhood friends and more.
Did they have a pet when they were growing up? I know its name.
How about this: you turn to any page in a current book, and pick any word. I'll tell you the word.
I predict newspaper headlines a week in advance.
Six audience members each draw a picture. I know who drew which one.
Three audience members I have never met create a serial number for a $1 bill. I already know what it is.
An audience I've never met writes down the name of her hometown and favorite movie. I'll tell her what she wrote before I see it.  
And that's just a start. Ask anybody who has seen me. (You'll find many of them listed under "References.") 


Great references and a free demonstration!

            Booking talent you’ve never used before is dicey at best.
That “terrific band” turns out to be tone deaf, the comedian knows more four letter words than jokes, and the speaker doesn’t remember the topic.
It happens. I know. I was an event producer.
When I started performing as a mind reader, I knew that my professionalism and skills always would come in second behind “Who is this guy, and how do I know he can do what he says he can?”
Excellent, and valid, questions.
Certainly, you can check my references.
And, I will come to your office and present some of my show, read your palm, or analyze your handwriting. Free. All expenses paid as long as you’re within reasonable driving distance. Invite your board, your staff, your client, your friends. We’ll have some fun.
If you’re out of town, I can show you what I do by Skype.
I hope you’ll book me for your next event. But, before you do, see exactly who I am, what I do, and how amazing and unforgettable my show really is.


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