What I Do

MINDSIGHT is a 30-45 minute stage show that's ideal for conventions, banquets, association meetings and any other event where you want entertainment that's unforgettable. It's Mark's signature piece: mentalism, mind reading, predictions, memory demonstrations and much more. It's lots of fun, and the audience is fully involved.

The 30 Minute Show is a modification of the above and is perfect for smaller audiences or those occasions with limited time for entertainment. It's ideal for civic clubs, community organizations, private parties and other events of this type.

Strolling Entertainment is up close and personal mind reading and mentalism for individuals, couples and small groups at cocktail parties, private events, trade shows, festivals and more. 

Handwriting analysis and card readings for individuals and couples are the perfect unique additions to any event. Each reading lasts about 7 minutes, are pure entertainment, and are the life of the party.